UGE + Zerega Ave

A Community Solar Project


Location: New York, NY, USA

Installation Year: 2019

System Size: 640 kW

Annual Energy Output: 788,000 kWh (estimated)

Project Type: Ballasted, Rooftop

Project Scope: UGE developed this rooftop solar project in the Bronx, which is one of New York City's first and largest community solar projects.  The building owner benefited by receiving a new roof for their property, along with ongoing lease payments.

Community Solar is a a newer solar model which allows for the energy produced from a commercial solar system to be used by community members, rather than only by the building's tenants. This results in a greater financial return to our clients and access to renewable energy for more people.

UGE is responsible for project development, system design, permitting, interconnection, and site coordination.

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