UGE Canada Announces Its Move to Victoria Street

Toronto, Ontario -- November 10, 2017

UGE Canada, a global leader in solar energy solutions for the commercial and industrial sector, announces its move to a new office on Victoria Street.

20 Victoria Street, 7th Floor, Toronto, Ontario M5C 2N8

UGE Canada has experienced rapid growth in 2017, reporting the company’s highest ever revenues for the past three consecutive quarters. This April, UGE announced the acquisition of all business from Carmanah Solar Power Corp (“CSPC”), a subsidiary of Carmanah Technologies, who’d been serving customers in the solar industry since 2000. And this was not the first acquisition for UGE within Canada’s solar industry. In February of last year, UGE announced the acquisition of Endura Energy, a leading Toronto-based solar projects company.

Both acquisitions, combined with organic growth through sales and strategic developments, has left the company in need of more space.  

“We have been looking for a new home for the past few months,” said Scott Matthews, President of UGE Canada. “This move to a more spacious upscale office space will enable us to continue to grow and better serve Canada’s commercial solar needs. We are very excited to have landed in our new home!”

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