UGE Announces the Completion of 1.26 MW project for Nature’s Spring


CEBU CITY, PHILIPPINES - (August 21, 2018) - UGE Philippines, a national leader in solar energy solutions for the commercial and industrial sector, announces the completion of a 1.26 MW solar project for Philippine Spring Water Resources, Inc. ("PSWRI" or "Nature's Spring"), the local manufacturer and distributor of Nature's Spring bottled water. UGE had previously installed 475 kW of solar at the facility in 2017.

"Nature's Spring is enjoying the benefits of solar, both reducing their demand from the local utility, and securing low cost energy for the next several decades,” said Tyler Adkins, President of UGE Philippines. “In addition, power produced from solar is more reliable and higher quality than the grid, reducing strain on expensive production machinery on site.”

UGE has contracted a total of 3.5 MW of solar for three PSWRI facilities across the Philippines, which will generate a total of 4,900,000 kWh of solar energy annually, saving more than 20 million pesos each year.

“The Philippines’ vast solar resource makes it an ideal place for businesses to utilize the sun’s energy to improve their bottom line,” said Nick Blitterswyk, CEO of UGE. “Businesses that adopt solar energy will realize significant competitive advantages through the generation of clean, reliable energy for years to come.”

Since committing to solar last year, PSWRI has emerged as one of the top industrial users of on-site renewable energy in the country. Nature’s Spring is just one of many business in the Philippines going solar with UGE, as demand grows rapidly across the country. With over 5 GW of solar currently installed, the Philippines is well on its way to achieving the Department of Energy’s 2040 goal of installing 20 GW.

Through solar, businesses are able to cut electricity costs, gain a reliable, renewable source of energy, and contribute to the domestic supply of the Philippines’ import-reliant energy sector.  With payback periods less than six years and no-cash-out financing readily available, UGE’s solutions allow commercial and industrial clients to lock in more affordable and reliable energy.

About UGE Philippines

UGE is an international solar company for the commercial and industrial sector with more than 600 projects completed worldwide totaling 375 MW of clean energy. UGE Philippines is a subsidiary of UGE International, created to help combat the nation’s high electricity rates which are some of the costliest in all of Asia. Taking advantage of the sunny skies and continued improvements to solar technology, the company offers its clients a fully financed solution so they can install a solar system with no cash out and simply save money on electricity bills. The company opened its office in Cebu City in November 2015.

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