We bring solar projects to life working with clients to finance and develop the full lifecycle of ground-mounted, roof-mounted, and carport integrated PV systems. Our experienced team of project development professionals and engineers will work closely with you on every step of a project, starting with saving you money and not just selling a solar system. Leave it to the experts to successfully execute your project on-time and on-budget without interruption to your usual business operations.

Work with UGE for:

  • Project assessment and analysis

  • Site Procurement (Lease and Purchase)

  • Project Financing (including Power Purchase Agreements)

  • System Design

  • Unique In-House Technical Expertise

  • Procurement

  • Construction Management

  • Quality Control

  • Deep Knowledge of the Development Process

  • Access to Capital and Take-Out Partners

Best option if:

  • Looking to maximize savings without large up front expenditure

  • Prioritize immediate savings over lifetime savings

  • Strong credit

  • Desire to own the asset long-term Want to capture tax benefits from depreciations




Paying for solar is easy with UGE- we offer a no cash out solution where you receive immediate savings on your utility bill. How is this possible you may ask? With our solar systems generating independent electricity, you no longer need to purchase it from the utility and the less energy you buy from the utility means greater savings.

Work with UGE for:

  • No Cash Out Solutions

  • Flexible Financing

  • Financial Expertise

  • Industry Experience

  • Access to Capital

  • Long-term Success and Savings

UGE’s solar lease program allows customers to obtain the benefits of clean energy, with no cash out. Customers pay a fixed monthly fee for use of the solar system that is less than buying the equivalent amount of energy from the local utility.

Best option if:

  • Priority #1 is no cash out

  • Prefer third party ownership of the system

  • No capital budget is available, don’t want to borrow from bank Strong credit

  • Plan to remain in location for 15+ years



Engineering, Procurement, Construction

EPC & Turnkey Projects.jpg

Our turn-key Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) services manage project execution from start-to-finish. We are setting the standard for reliability, ethical practices, and professional management; our impeccable record of customer satisfaction is a testament to our performance.

Our world class engineering team has experience designing 600+ solar systems and assures that every project is structurally and electrically sound throughout its operating life. With an in house procurement team, we only purchase the best equipment, screening all of our manufacturer partners based on rigorous criteria to ensure that our projects receive the best price and quality. Lastly we bring these projects to life, wholistically managing construction to see each project is efficiently installed and held to UGE’s standards.

Work with UGE for:

  • Full Turn-Key Services

  • Engineering and Design

  • Equipment Evaluation and Procurement

  • Construction and Contractor Management

  • System Commissioning

  • System Monitoring

For customers looking to maximize long term savings and secure the lowest levelized cost of energy, UGE will supply a turnkey project, providing end-to-end services, from initial consultation through commissioning.

Best option if:

  • Looking to maximize long-term savings

  • Have capital budget available for projects with 4-6 year payback period

  • Desire to own the asset

  • Want to capture tax benefits from depreciation

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