Tim Woodcock

Regional Director, UGE USA

Tim Woodcock is an Assistant Director of Business Development with UGE International focused on commercial solar and microgrid development in the US. Tim pioneered SolarCity’s field expansion into Long Island, and later directed the sales force and go-to-market strategy for Dow’s PowerHouse Solar Shingles in the tri-state area. He co-founded HomeEdison, a 21st-Century Energy Lifestyle company, and has consulted for several clean energy companies and environmental NGOs. In the non-profit sector, Tim has helped to build and direct membership, fundraising and policy platforms for Water Defense and The Solutions Project. Tim holds a B.S. in International Business from Bryant University and a CleanTech Professional Certificate from NYU.

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Marty Fleet

Regional Director, UGE Canada

Before joining UGE in 2017, Marty spent most of his career in the power electronics industry. During 5 years as the Canadian Sales and Business Development Manager with Advanced Energy, he closed over $100M in market leading, commercial/utility solar inverter sales. Prior to Advanced Energy, Marty spent 17 years with Satcon/InverPower, working on solar/fuel cell inverters, high power rectifiers, and frequency converters for military aviation. This included management positions in Sales, Project Management, Procurement and Manufacturing. Marty graduated from Mohawk College in 1992.

Tyler Adkins

Regional Director, UGE Philippines

Leading new business development in the Philippines, Tyler manages relationships with customers, financiers, and partners across the country. Since joining UGE in early 2013, Tyler has developed and implemented a wide array of projects both in the United States and across the developing world. Prior to joining UGE, Tyler was a delegate at the 2009 UNFCCC conference in Copenhagen, and graduated from Lund University in Sweden with a M.Sc. in Sustainability Science, where his research focused on economic transitions toward carbon free energy systems.

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