UGE Announces it has Reached Several Significant Project Milestones

Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - December X, 2018) - UGE International Ltd. (TSXV: UGE) (the "Company" or "UGE"), a leader in renewable energy solutions for the commercial and industrial sector, is pleased to announce it has recently achieved

Peterborough: already hit SC in November on two sites (Painter and Paquette), and will hit two more in coming weeks (Watson and Parish).  All 15 sites either in construction or at SC.

Farmington: FES hit SC end of November

SunConnect: Lytron hit SC in September and RW in October

Robin: SC at end of October (upcoming FC for Bulacan next week)

About UGE International Ltd.

UGE delivers immediate savings to businesses through its low cost solar energy solutions. UGE helps commercial and industrial clients become more competitive by providing distributed renewable energy solutions at no upfront cost, thus generating long-term economic and environmental returns. With over 375 MW of global experience and over 630 projects completed, UGE works daily to power a more sustainable world. Visit us at

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