How it Works

Allow UGE Access to Your Roof

Use your unused roof space to generate ancillary revenue.

We Install a Solar System

We will design and build solar on your roof at no cost to you.

Your Neighbors Access Clean Energy

Your system’s energy will go to the grid.

You Receive Annual Lease Payments

We pay you for allowing access to your roof.


We handle the design, build, and financing of each solar project so you can rest easy and simply reap the rewards.  

  • Annual Lease Payments
  • Free Roof Upgrades
  • Property Tax Abatements in NYC
  • Increased Sustainability Profile

Estimate Your Additional Revenue Stream

About Us

We help commercial and industrial clients to generate long term economic and environmental returns by providing solar energy solutions at no cost.

  • 600+ Projects
  • 350+ MW
  • 10 Years
  • International

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