How it Works

We Install a Solar System

We provide property owners with ancillary revenue to install a solar system on their property.

Solar Energy goes to the Grid

The system's solar energy is sent to the grid and can be redistributed to community members.

Your Neighbors Access Clean Energy

Members sign up to receive clean energy at a discounted rate from what they currently pay the grid.

Your Community Benefits

Your community will have more money in their pockets for a stronger economy. Plus we can all breathe easier.

The Goal

 To stabilize and expand New Jersey's solar sector by making solar power more affordable to the state's families and businesses.

  • Increases New Jersey's renewable portfolio standard to 35% by 2025 and 50% by 2030
  • Deploy 600 MW of energy storage by 2021
  • Implement a community solar pilot program by 2018

About UGE

We help commercial and industrial clients to generate long term economic and environmental returns by providing solar energy solutions at no cost.

  • 600+ Projects
  • 360+ MW
  • 10 Years
  • International

UGE helped bring community solar to life in New York City and is responsible for developing the city's first community solar project, providing the client with many benefits. View Case Study

BENEFITS OF Community Solar

We handle the design, build, and financing of each solar project so you can rest easy and simply reap the rewards.  

  • Local job creation
  • More money circulating in community 
  • Increased sustainability profile
  • Access to clean energy for renters and more building owners

There are 26 states with at least one community solar project on-line. The next several years will see the U.S. community solar market add as much as 3 gigawatts. Do not let your community miss out, be an advocate for community solar!