UGE Secures Order to Power Telecoms Sites With Distributed Renewable Energy Microgrids


Remote Tower Locations Will Be Equipped With UGE's Hybrid and Battery Storage Systems for Maximum Reliability and Efficiency

August 26, 2014 -- New York -- UGE (TSX.V:UG), a leader in renewable energy solutions for global enterprise customers, has received a purchase order to deploy hybrid microgrid energy systems for remote telecommunications towers. The telecoms site operators will utilize UGE's expertise and equipment to increase the reliability and security of their energy supply while dramatically lowering the costs of powering the sites.

The telecoms towers are powered by UGE's modular technology platform, designed to capture the specific renewable energy resources available at each site. Each site location incorporates an optimized combination of solar panels, energy storage, and wind turbines for fully integrated off-grid hybrid systems. The telecom towers will also utilize UGE's monitoring and control technology to ensure constant system uptime.

"Telecommunication tower operators in emerging markets often face severe challenges with grid reliability, site accessibility, and rising fuel costs," said Henry Hatch, UGE's business development manager for the telecoms market. "Renewable energy paired with UGE's advanced site analysis and monitoring capabilities address these issues with a solution that lowers costs and facilitates uninterrupted communication."

These microgrid systems have been purchased by a confidential government entity for use in the Middle East. The purchase order, valued at over $400,000 USD, is expected to be fulfilled throughout the remainder of 2014.

About UGE

UGE is a leading developer of distributed renewable energy solutions for enterprise clients with projects in over 90 countries, including several for Fortune 1,000 companies. Leveraging its proprietary technology platform, UGE deploys modular energy systems that solve clients' challenges at the nexus of cost, resiliency and sustainability. From solar and wind systems, to microgrids and off-grid lighting, UGE is the solution provider of choice for enterprise energy challenges.