GET A NEW Commercial ROOF FREE from UGE

Is your commercial roof old & damaged? Have you started looking for a new roof? UGE is able to offset this huge expense by offering a free roof replacement when you lease your roof for a free solar installation


  • Receive Annual Lease Payments from UGE for up to 25 years in New York State
  • Receive A Property Tax Abatement up to $250,000 from New York City
  • Provide Clean Energy to your Community
  • Don't Pay a Penny

Does Your Building Qualify?

  • Your roof size must be greater than 40,000 sq. ft. 
  • You must be willing to install a solar system on your roof 

So Whats The Catch?

UGE will finance, install, and own the solar system on your roof. We will sell the energy produced directly to the utility, so there is no need to involve your tenants or alter your energy bill! 

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