Community Solar FAQ

Q | Will my current electricity bill be affected?

A | No, your electricity bill will be completely unaffected. The energy that is generated from the solar panels is consumed by a third party.


Q | Who exactly is using the energy that the solar panels generate?

A | Pre-determined residents from any of the five New York City boroughs use the energy. UGE selects these "off-takers" beforehand and sells them energy at a cheaper rate than what they are currently paying.


Q | Can my building consume the energy instead?

A | Yes, you have the option of consuming the energy onsite and lowering your energy bills instead of receiving lease payments. If this is your preference, let your sales rep know and he/she will let you know exactly how much money you can save on your energy bills.


Q | How often are the lease payments paid out?

A | The lease payments are paid out on a quarterly basis for the life of the system.


Q | Who is financing this? Will my tenants be creditworthy?

A | UGE's community solar assets are backed by some of the largest solar-portfolio owning companies in the country, with investments from the largest investment banks and private equity firms in the country.


Q | What if I decide to sell my building while the solar panels are still installed?

A | UGE will transfer the contract to the new building owner. The solar panels represent an additional cash flow for the building and would add value to the building sale.

Q | What if I want to install roof upgrades in a few years?

A | UGE will temporarily remove the solar panels at any point during the life of the system upon customer request. Doing so may, however, temporarily reduce the monthly lease payment paid to the building owner.


Q | What if I need to do repair work on my roof?

A | Our contract will allow you to take the system offline for around 5 days/year - if you need additional time, the excess would simply be deducted off of our lease payment. If a portion of the system needs to be physically removed temporarily, our team can do that easily, as the panels are usually held in place only via cinder ballast blocks.


Q | Will I still have access to the HVACs and other objects on my roof? 

A | Yes, city code requires the solar panel arrays to allow clear paths to any objects on the roof and may be accessed at anytime by the building owner. We also always include walkways in our system's design.


Q | What if my roof cannot withstand the extra weight of the solar panels?

A | Before any formal commitment is made, UGE hires a professional structural engineer to certify the specific amount of additional weight that can be safely added to your roof. If it is determined it is not safe to proceed, all progress will be halted at no cost to the customer. This is a very rare occurrence though; over 95% of all commercial roofs are structurally capable of installing solar panels.


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