UGE: RISE NYC Finalist

Exciting news: UGE is a finalist in RISE: NYC, a competition created by the  NYC Economic Development Corporation in the wake of Hurricane Sandy to identify and deploy creative new technologies and solutions for New York City. UGE and other finalists are eligible for up to $30 Million in funds to help NYC businesses become more resilient to the impacts of future storms, sea level rise and other effects of climate change.

UGE’s distributed renewable energy solutions harness solar and wind energy to provide uninterrupted power to small business, even in the event of a utility disruption. In addition to providing small businesses with energy-security during blackouts and natural disasters, we also help our clients decrease their electricity bills during normal operation hours by enabling them to feed excess electricity back to the grid.

If you are a small business owner bringing in less than 25.5M annually, and were affected by Hurricane Sandy, or are in the 100 year flood plain, you could be eligible to win a FREE, customized energy system for your business, which could include solar PV panels, wind technology, batteries and a backup generator.

There’s no limit to the number of businesses that are eligible, so help us RISE together!  

FIll out this survey to see if you qualify, and we’ll reach out.