10 Reasons Why Renewables will be (H)UGE in South Florida

10. It's the Sunshine State

Orange groves, beautiful Miami beaches, and a bevy of sun. Optimal solar conditions.


9. FORE!

Florida is home to a serious density of golf courses (over 1,400 in the state!). What does that have to do with solar? Well, there are lots of golf carts that run on electric batteries which are prime candidates for solar powered charging stations - hey, Whole Foods is installing Skypumps at their stores, why shouldn't they go on golf courses?


8. Good luck getting around without wheels

Public transportation is not easily accessible, nor is it cheap or efficient, and distances are long. Most residents and tourists drive to get to their desired destinations, and with prices at the pump on the rise, more and more drivers are opting for hybrid and electric cars. There's nothing worse than driving down A1A or the Venetian Causeway in your new Tesla, wind in your hair, beautiful girl by your side, and being low on a charge. Southern Floridian communities have already caught on.  Alternative Energy Company installed 4 UGE-4K wind turbines that power EV charging stations so electric vehicle drivers can top of and stay cool.


7. Running air condition ain't cheap

Florida has one of the highest rates of home electricity consumption in the country, due in no small part to the need for air conditioning. From malls to municipalities to schools and the local burger joint the AC is on year round. With increasing electricity costs, and no prospects of cooler weather in the region, renewable energy for the long-term is a no brainer.  And guess what?  Solar produces the most electricity when it’s the hottest out (for the economists out there, that's supply meeting demand…we love efficient marketplaces).


6. Install to your heart's content

You are late to the party? No problem. Unlike some states, Florida has no set capacity limit on the grid, so you won’t get blocked from hooking up to the grid for net metering just because some of your neighbors have already. The risk of installing a system and getting a “sorry m'am, but you cannot connect your installation to our grid and get credit”, is simply not there.


5. Sea levels on the rise

Even small amounts of sea level rise make what were previously rare floods more common by adding to tides and storm surge. Population, the local economy, infrastructure, and wildlife are at risk when discussing the rise of sea levels. By using renewable energy we reduce our contribution to this pressing issue.


4. Wind turbine tourism

We love hate to toot our own horns, but UGE wind turbines are just about the coolest looking things on the planet.  They are confused for art installations all of the time.  People travel from near and far to see them up close and personal.  Wind turbines make a very clear statement of commitment to the environment and are traffic stoppers.  The Hilton Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale is receiving accolades and recognition from patrons, media, and competitors are getting left in the dust.  And guess what? They now have the lowest vacancy rate in Ft. Lauderdale.


3. I've heard solar is just too expensive in Florida. You heard wrong!

Solar has failed to blossom in Florida because it has made little financial sense, thanks to electric rates that are much lower than up north and out west. Tallahassee gives little support to solar, unlike other states that set goals or mandates for renewable energy.

As a result, the Sunshine State has fallen well behind states such as California, Arizona, Massachusetts and New Jersey. Recently, a renewable energy production tax credit for commercial purposes was passed in FL. UGE works with our financing partners to offer a no money down solution (PPA or lease) so that you can go green and save money from day 1.


2. How does $50 billion sound (yes, billion with a "b")

Experts agree that solar is key to retaining the $~50 billion that leaves the state every year to pay for the coal, natural gas, and gasoline to run Florida's power plants and cars. By turning to solar and other renewables, Florida can keep this money in state and create local jobs.


1. Speaking of jobs

It’s clear that renewable energy mandates are working. States that have passed measures mandating percentages of renewable energy are building clean energy businesses and jobs faster than the states without. UGE works with local affiliated partners on renewable energy projects for installation and operations & maintenance, creating jobs for technicians, salespeople, small business owners, engineers, architects, contractors, code enforcement officers, and lawyers, to name a few. More projects in FL means more local job creation.


Eliane Cohen & Joshua Rogol, Business Development