Recap: Our Summer of Sustainability

As a renewable energy company, we believe it is hugely important that we dedicate ourselves to environmental and social responsibility both in our business practices, and in our day to day lives.

Last year, we began “Summer of Sustainability” in our offices as a way to promote sustainable behaviors throughout the company. This year, we continued with our Summer of Sustainability, and as we wrap up this week, we wanted to update you on how and what we did.

We started at the end of June with transportation week, with a focus on reducing the energy we used during our daily commutes. Our goal was to walk/bike 100 miles between our offices. Ethica, our Creative Marketing Associate, walked all the way from Queens to our office on the west side! Our Director of US Business Development, Tim, biked to work every day, racking up 44 miles and helping us get to a total of 109.5 miles.

The next week we focused on wellness. At UGE, we think it is critical for our employees to have a work/life balance. Throughout the week, we encouraged everyone to set a goal for how much sleep they’d like to get, and to hold themselves accountable. Meanwhile at our offices, we did some basic stretches each day at noon, to get a quick break from the workday. 

Then we turned towards consumption—specifically reducing, reusing, and recycling. The first week was centered around our office consumption. We tried to reuse whatever we could and recycle whatever we couldn’t, ultimately filling no more than a small garbage can of trash throughout the week.

The following week we turned towards personal consumption. This week aimed to raise awareness about being a more conscious consumer. By limiting our trash at home, donating rather than tossing household goods like clothes, and recycling old electronic or appliances, we all can promote lifestyles that are better for ourselves, and our environment.

Then we had food week. In the office we made a goal to bring our own lunches to work, to localize what we eat, and to reduce the packaging we purchase with our food.

Our final week of Summer of Sustainability circled back to our roots—energy. At home and in the office, we made sure to unplug unused electronics, save energy where we could, and to continue buying locally sourced food (as this has huge implications on energy used in transportation).

We are proud to share with you our accomplishments from these past few weeks. Although we have finished our Summer of Sustainability officially, we will continue to strive to be a more sustainable company, both in the products and services we offer and in our behaviors as an office and as individuals. Together, we can create a more sustainable world!