Celebrating the 2015 Daylight Hour!

The hours when natural light is most abundant also happen to be the hours that office buildings consume the most artificial light. Why do we not take advantage of this resource more often, especially in office spaces that sit in such close proximity to windows flooded in natural light? Electricity costs and harmful emissions are highest during peak hours, when offices are in full consumption mode. Therefore, utilizing natural light would not only improve our environment but it would also save businesses tons of money. A recent study, Let There Be Daylight, concluded that over $70 million could be saved annually in New York City if building owners were to standardize daylight-integrated lighting systems. Natural light is one of the last natural resources we have full access to in our densely populated cities today, and one that we should undoubtedly be using more. 

Aside from making our environment a healthier place to live by cutting emissions, natural light also has a bunch of human health benefits. As opposed to artificial fluorescent lighting, natural light is human centric, a form of light that aligns with the natural progression of the sun, and has the ability to improve a variety of human aspects, like:

  • Regulation of circadian rhythms (mental and physical behaviors)
  • Mood
  • Visual acuity
  • Performance and productivity
  • Comfort
  • It has also been shown to increase academic scores in students and recovery time in medical patients

Daylight Hour is an initiative to publicize the benefits of utilizing natural light, by encouraging organizations all over the world to take ONE hour to turn off the lights in daylit spaces. With hopes that organizations will experience the value that natural light has to offer, Daylight Hour encourages people to decrease annual artificial light consumption.

So, join us in taking advantage of this great natural resource by TURNING IT OFF!

FRIDAY JUNE 19, 2015

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (EDT)