Solar & Security

At UGE, our focus is providing renewable energy solutions that create immediate savings for our clients.

However, our ultimate vision of a world powered by renewables involves building a more secure future through reliable, accessible energy.

Climate change goes beyond environmental impact. It threatens political and social stability. It degrades economic viability. Island nations and coastal cities face climate-driven fates. This is not just a projection—it is reality.

Renewable energy is helping us find solutions that will mitigate the changes we are facing now and in the near future. It is transforming our relationship with energy, the economy, and the environment.

Tech companies are making huge investments in clean energy to secure affordable sources of electricity for efficient, uninterrupted processes. Our microgrid system for one of Verizon’s telecom towers, for example, ensures that it will provide continuous, reliable service. We also helped Dropbox go solar while making their new San Francisco offices LEED platinum.

The need for reliable energy extends beyond maintaining sustainable business operations. Life-saving institutions likehospitals and fire departments need a secure supply of energy to ensure their work won’t be compromised in the event of an outage.

Renewable energy is also making huge contributions to national defense. The U.S. Department of Defense is the 2ndlargest buyer of renewables behind Google, consuming over 400MW of solar energy in 2015. Clean power improves the efficiency of day-to-day operations and ensures there will be a supply of energy given an emergency or attack.

According to Retired Navy Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn, economic security is “inextricably” linked with energy and the environment. Energy sources like solar are crucial in creating a secure economic, social, and political future.

Carbon-free power is affordable, and will continue to decrease in price in the coming years. It plays a huge role in mitigating the impacts of climate change, and providing energy security to institutions that need it the most. It shows a company’s dedication to a sustainable and socially responsible future, and helps residents reduce their electricity bill while improving their footprint.

Renewables are changing the way we impact our environment and how it will, in turn, impact us.