A Brief Guide to Going Solar with UGE


We’re helping businesses of all sizes go solar, while saving money on their electricity bill. We offer support every step of the way—from site assessment and financing to engineering and construction. Here’s how we can help you:

Designing your system- First, we assess your site to determine a customized, optimal energy solution based on your company’s needs. We offer solar, wind and hybrid systems. Based on factors such as your energy load profile and reduction goals, we design a solution to help you maximize your energy use and cost savings.

Financing- We think solar should provide our clients savings from Day 1. We offer multiple financing options, including solar loans, leases, and PPAs, all of which allow you to pay lower monthly rates than you would for current electricity prices. Read more about which financing option is right for you.

Engineering, Installation, and Maintenance- After creating an energy solution specific to your needs, we then take care of building and installing the new system. We’ll also take care of any maintenance during its lifetime, such as inspections and cleaning requirements.

Monitoring- With ViewUGE+, our web-based monitoring system designed specifically for businesses, you can access information about your site’s energy usage through data saved in the cloud. Its customizable portal allows you to view your site’s energy performance with real-time updates. Track things like environmental impact relative to system lifetime, or energy production.

What about storage?

 Microgrids- All of the power in a microgrid is generated, transformed, consumed, monitored, and managed on a local scale. This can either be tied to the grid or off-grid. With UGE SET, our proprietary design software, we can create a personalized microgrid for your site based on 20 years’ worth of weather data and geographic specific information. Storage solutions like UGE’s onDEMAND let your system operate off-grid, or in the absence of an energy-input. This optimizes your energy mix by decreasing demand charges and shifting energy loads from peak to off-peak rates. It also allows your business to maximize the use of solar energy through day and night access and increase energy resiliency by eliminating outages.

At UGE, we provide a full service solution to make cleaner, more affordable energy a reality for your business. Contact ustoday for a free consultation.