Getting ready for Earth Day with UGE Earth Week 2012!

In 9 days, it will be the 42nd anniversary of Earth Day!

Starting one week prior, UGE's Green Team is launching UGE Earth Week 2012.  As always, we'll be living up to our motto of "Be Green, Be Great, and Have Fun" - only from April 16-20, we'll make an extra emphasis on being green by following the simple actions listed below. You're encouraged to adopt these, too!


Here's a breakdown of the week's events:


Monday 16th

Employees at UGE will sign our internal Sustainability Pledge (electronically).

This is a great way for everyone to show their commitment to living and working as green as can be!


Tuesday 17th

Challenge: Can the UGE office commit to a full day without disposable coffee cups?

Sure we can!  Two coffee shops around the corner from our offices will gladly fill up any travel mugs.  One of them will even give us a price break!

Wednesday 18th

Challenge:  Go a whole day without bringing any plastic bags into the office.

We conveniently placed a bunch of reusable shopping bags right by the front door.  Employees are encouraged to use these when going out to shop or grab lunch.  Now it's easier to tell the cashier at the shop, "No bag, please!"


Thursday 19th

Challenge:  Let's limit our office-wide waste to one bag of trash the entire day!

Roughly 90% of landfill contents are recyclable. Let's reduce the amount of waste that goes into the bin. Paper bags, plastic bags, juice containers, bottles and cans can all be recycled, and we have receptacles for them. It also helps if you compress your trash to take up less space before you throw it out and bring less trash in the first place! Bringing reusable containers for lunch whenever possible and continuing the coffee cup trend from earlier in the week can both help significantly.


Friday 20th

Challenge:  At UGE, we're experts at renewable energy technology, but now let's aim to conserve energy!

Before heading out for the weekend, all employees are asked to check that their computer is turned off and all unnecessary electronics are unplugged--laptop and cell phone chargers, etc.


Together, we can make Earth Day 2012, green, great, and fun!