GREENBUILD 2011, Toronto - A First Timer's Perspective

Greenbuild was definitely one of the most impressive sustainable development events that I have ever attended. It was really exciting to be surrounded by so many people and organizations that catered to the green economy. Other than the large size of the conference, some aspects of Greenbuild that truly resonated with me was the energy of the people and their commitment to making a change. Everywhere I went I found myself surrounded by producers, manufacturers and suppliers of products that aimed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, provide alternative solutions to energy, and encourage the use of sustainable architectural building materials. Most importantly, I could see the larger picture behind all of the smaller initiatives that people were undertaking. There were green roof options, green building materials, wind turbine manufacturers, and so much more. One lesson that I learned at Greenbuild is that clean energy is only the tip of the iceberg for green projects because the green movement is more like a lifestyle. 


Written by ReNard