What a Year!

Wow, what a year!

As 2010 comes to a close, I wanted to take a moment to think back on some of our amazing accomplishments in 2010.

First, a quick second to put that one year time frame in perspective. Our company was formed three years ago, and our first product launched only one and a half years ago. Of our four products (eddy, eddy GT, UGE-4K, Sanya), only one had been launched as of one year ago. Still, we had sold to an impressive 20 or so countries and were already making a name for ourselves.

My first highlight of 2010 was our move into our new office on February 7th. Though we had at that time over 50 employees overseas, just four (plus a work from home employee) were part of the US-based team on that day but it would be filled up quite quickly. We have now grown to 17 (and over 90 overseas), and now we're ready to move again! In January 2011 we will be moving into a bigger space on 38th St. in the Midtown West area of Manhattan. As much as we like working together, it will be nice to have a little more elbow room again!

Probably my favorite moment of the year was Good Morning America. I had the pleasure of meeting Laurie from GMA way back in February, 2010 and had an ongoing discussion with her about a UGE installation being featured on the show. After months of back and forth we were finally able to schedule a taping of an installation in July which then aired in the background as I was interviewed live in September. What an experience! This year has also seen us featured on CNNMoney.com, as well as several newspapers, magazines, blogs, and the like. It is amazing to have so many people interested in UGE!

Perhaps my proudest achievement has been our commitment to quality and improvement thereof. This year has seen us reach several milestones including the countless certifications we've received on our products as well as becoming an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer in May of this year. With any new product there are unfortunately some unforeseen problems that come up early on, but throughout this year we've continued to improve, and based on recent experience we now fully expect every unit going in the ground to be perfect. Our goal has always been the "automotive standard" of excellence, and we're well on our way!

The most valuable experiences have definitely been the relationships built, with employees, with suppliers, with distributors, with journalists. I feel so fortunate to repeatedly be in the presence of such warm and friendly individuals. The success of this company is directly related to the commitment, hard work and passion of my colleagues and I couldn't have found a greater group of people to work with. 

As we enter 2011, I am happy to say that enthusiasm couldn't be higher. Our product has now been sold in an amazing 44 countries with successful installations going in the ground just about every day. We will be attending CES in Las Vegas in early January which should be a great way to kick start the year. With four products on the market selling well, and plenty of surprises on tap, we hope you'll hear a lot more about UGE in 2011!

Till then, Happy Holidays!

Nick Blitterswyk