Climate Change and an End to Climate Skepticism

From time to time you read an article that reminds you of why we are doing what we are doing.  I felt the following article from The Economist did just that:

In the last four years we've seen the public discussion go from an informed one, with a population knowing climate change was real and a serious threat, to a grid locked discussion that paints climate change as only a potential threat.  Meanwhile, virtually all scientists studying the subject are in agreement, and we notice things right here in our lives that point to climate change's real affects.

At UGE, we are working hard to do our part in making the world a cleaner place.  Such nonsense as we see in American politics, for example, can get extremely frustrating, but I hope it can only motivate us further.  I like to believe that in 2011 we saw the peak of climate skepticism and that from here on out it gets better.  I hope you will join me in doing everything you can to make that come true and together we will do our part.  As the article mentions, this is the biggest issue of our time, even if no one seems to recognize it.

Written by Nick