A Growing Demand for LEED

By the year 2013, China will become the third largest market for LEED in the world with United States and Europe being the first and second. According to USGBC, there are over 1,500 registered and certified LEED projects accounting for over 67 million gross square meters in China alone. As China continues to expand its urban area and air pollution poses a threat to public health, LEED certified buildings can help solve this challenge. 

On September 20th 2013, a KFC restaurant in Xuan Wu Men, which is located at the heart of Beijing City, was awarded a LEED Gold Certification. According to USGBC, KFC is the only QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) in China with LEED certification. The Xuan Wu Men KFC incorporates a handful of green technologies into their restaurant, such as LED lighting system and sun induction control lighting, and non-fresco refrigerant air conditioning system. This KFC restaurant is one of many building owners eager to show customers their commitment to healthy buildings.

Urban Green Energy (UGE) provides on-site energy generation, which can count towards LEED certification points in addition to reducing electricity bills, and decreasing environmental impacts. As China’s demand for LEED and more green buildings increases, UGE will remain committed to meeting Chinese market demand and helping solve the complex environmental issues that China is facing right now.


-Renjie Shen, Sustainability