Partner Forum Interview with Itai Biederman

UGE's Partner Forum 2015 is coming up on April 28-30 at the Centre for Social Innovation in NYC. PR & Communications Intern Ryan Madden sat down with Itai Biederman, Business Development Manager for Latin America, to get his insight on last year's event:

 Itai Biederman - Manager, Latin America

RM: What was your biggest takeaway from the Partner Forum?

IB: Let me first just say that the Partner Forum was an incredible experience. It is why I am with UGE today. The event was seamlessly strung together, consistently engaging and extremely informative. I was so impressed with the caliber of talent of everyone in attendance. I was inspired by how thoughtful, professional and authentic everyone was. My biggest takeaway from the event was the realization that everyone at UGE has a genuine passion to do good and make a positive difference in this world.

RM: What was the coolest event you attended during the forum?

IB: Definitely the Whole Foods tour. UGE has a series of off-grid parking lot lights and electric vehicle charging stations installed at the Whole Foods Market in Brooklyn, NY so we all went to visit the site and learn about the project. It was a very hands-on experience and it was fun to learn about how the project started and evolved. You could clearly see how satisfied management was with the project, which was affirming of the work that UGE does and the relationships it develops with its clients.

RM: Did you talk with any Partners during the event? What were those experiences like?

IB: I had a series of intimate interactions throughout the event with Luis of OTEPI Renewables, a Panama-based energy company. Luis was energetic, inquisitive and focused at all times. He really made the best of his time at the Partner Forum to learn and strengthen his partnerships. UGE and OTEPI recently signed a $4 million contract with a leading retail chain in Central America to design and supply solar energy systems at its facilities. Conversations for this project began at the Partner Forum.

Generally speaking, the whole event was so personal and completely team oriented. I could feel the bonds between the Partners and was able to witness firsthand the growth in their relationships. The positive vibes I felt from these interactions still resonate with me today.

RM: Did you get any specific training while there? If so, were you satisfied?

IB: During one of the sessions, Josh & Tyler of UGE did a sales simulation, which was very helpful in understanding sales cycles and business conduct in the distributed renewable energy market. The presentation was thorough and all of the Partners were extremely engaged and participative. The lessons taught during the simulation definitely impacted the way the Partners thought about their work. The training was one of the most practical exercises held during the Forum.

Itai on a tour of Whole Foods Market in Brooklyn, NY during Partner Forum 2014.


If you would like to come to the Partner Forum, please click here!