The Green Mission

The current trend for energy is that renewable energy prices are going down and fossil fuel is going up and it’s looking like the cleaner energy is going to win this fight in the future. Or is it?

Now, it’s obvious that the supply on fossil fuel is limited but no one really knows how much is left. Some probably would estimate that we probably have more than enough in our life time. If renewable energy became cheaper than fossil fuel today, what would happen?

For one second, let’s pretend that no one cares about the environment, there is no such thing as energy subsidy and people will just buy whichever energy is cheaper. In this scenario, fossil fuel will start to drop as renewable energy gets cheaper as well.  As long as there is enough fossil fuel, the trend of price decline will continue until prices for renewable energy and fossil fuel will equal the cost of making the renewable energy equipment and cost of extracting fossil fuel respectively.

I’m not sure if the costs of manufacturing renewable energy equipment or extracting fossil fuel are more expensive but let’s assume they become equal in the long term.

In this hypothetical scenario, how are we going to ever to win? It would be impossible.

Dropping the price of renewable energy is probably the minimum amount of effort required to start the trend of making an impact on where energy is coming from. The other factor must come from the education of environmental impact of blasting something that was naturally underground into the atmosphere.  UGE is in the technology sector of the battle but we must continue to send this important message out to the world by living it. 


-Taka Koizumi