World Environment Day

This Wednesday, June 5, is World Environment Day (WED). This year's WED theme is Think, Eat, Save, which aims to get people thinking about what they eat, how much of it, where it comes from and how much waste they're generating.

Last year we hosted the Summer of Sustainability, where every week in summer we had a different environmental theme with an associated challenge and fact in order to get us thinking about what environmental impact our lifestyles are having and in what ways we're able to minimize those impacts. This year we're doing things on a smaller scale by celebrating World Environment Day for a full week, with a thematic challenge, a vegetarian potluck and daily facts about the issues surrounding food production, food security, food wastage and the kinds of foods that are prevalent in our diets.

Our challenge for the week is give up a high impact food for a whole week. Using information about what foods have the highest carbon footprint, we're aiming to give up one of the following: lamb, beef, cheese, pork, farmed salmon, turkey, chicken, canned tuna, eggs or potatoes. Some people are also choosing to give up foods that they know have had to travel a long way to reach their table. We'll also be using a food footprint calculator to work out the carbon emissions for some of the foods we eat. 

Please join us in our challenge and let us know how you're doing on our FB and Twitter. To find out more about food security and waste issues have a look at here and here.  


-Jo Walton-Hespe, HR & Sustainability