Urban Green Energy: Green Energy Needs after Hurricane Sandy

It has been over a month now since Hurricane Sandy has struck our home of New York City (and the surrounding area) but the crisis is still wide-spread amongst those affected. Subway stations and businesses are still closed in lower Manhattan and those displaced by the storm have only recently been given a housing solution. The rebuild is going slowly but surely, and as with all disasters, the rest of the nation is rallying behind us. 

We heard back from our Partners that our vertical axis wind turbines held up in the storm. This couldn’t have made us prouder of our engineering team as this was a true test of not only the power of wind to create, but also to destroy. UGE’s office was only closed for two days, and retained power the Wednesday after the storm. The office rallied together as we only had a couple short weeks to get reorganized before one of our favorite green events, Greenbuild

Nothing pushes nonconventional energy needs to the spotlight quite like an energy crisis. And while the storm has left a lasting image in all of our minds, it is also a good reminder of the fact that technology needs to evolve to react to what is going on in the world. Whether you believe in global climate change or not, Earth is always changing, and antiquated ideas need to give way to progressive thoughts. The failure of the grid in our area for weeks- and even months- truly show that green energy is just as important as any issue in the news. Urban energy solutions are needed when all else fails. 

But the past is behind us and we are looking to the future. Our team is rapidly expanding. We are always updating our energy solutions via new wind turbine and solar panel models. We are reaching out to the public with sustainable events. We are the future of green energy.