3 Values in Commercial Energy Security

For enterprises like banks, restaurants, supermarkets, resorts, and athletic arenas that rely on a continuous and reliable stream of energy, blackouts prove extremely problematic. When the source of electricity is not sound due to lack of sufficient infrastructure, natural disaster, or high demand, companies face substantial loss in revenue. Not only is inadequate lighting dangerous, it also prevents any business transactions from occurring. In some cases localized blackouts are so frequent they impede income which can generate millions in GDP losses annually. Distributed renewable energy solutions can provide an innovative solution that not only saves business’ money long-term, but furthermore prevents negative economic impacts due to unexpected power outages.

1. Increase operating hours: In July of 2012, approximately 670 million people in India were affected by a massive power outage after their grid collapsed. Most frequent power outages can last anywhere from an hour to even a few days. Working time is seriously disrupted. If you’re a business owner, that means you are missing out on opportunities for deals that could add up to big bucks.  For example, banks cannot accept any customer transactions when critical systems are down. And even after a blackout, rebooting these systems may take hours. Renewable energy storage allows businesses to increase operating hours and have confidence in their energy generation,  all while being sustainable

2. Cost-savings: Not only do commercial renewable solutions cost less than grid-generated electricity over the long-term but you no longer have to pay a premium for usage during peak times.  In simple terms, energy efficiency is connected to demand response: the price per kilowatt depends on what time of day you are using electricity. By incorporating renewable energy storage, businesses can use the energy stored from nighttime charging and use it when it’s needed most. Running a diesel fuel backup generator is costly while using clean energy storage lessens your expenses.

3. Revitalize business:  Hybrid renewable energy storage lowers energy costs which can lead to improved business conditions and revitalize communities. Off-grid street lights can keep enterprises and communities lit long after sundown. Renewable energy solutions are perfect for local municipalities by saving the government money on infrastructure enhancement. It's possible to leapfrog centralized power and increase energy security with UGE’s superior renewable hybrid energy products.

- Marissa Graham, Business Development