What an Internship!

This is my vision of UGE after 2 amazing months with the team:

This is for me the best example of the American start up: young, creative, innovative and passionate. The atmosphere promotes the self expression and the creativity. Everyone here does what he likes and does it well! I am sure that it's the best way to realize good work. 

UGE team is like a group of friends who want to give the best of themself to develop the company and satisfy the customers. 

During my 2nd week there we received an e-mail from Nick Defining the Core Values of the company:

Goals Greater than just Profit, Individualism, Innovation, Taking Initiative and Integrity

Now I can say that theses values really exist and are maybe the reason why today the company is growing like never before and provides these amazing products!

I couldn't have found a greater internship and I will never forget this extremely rewarding experience. 

Thanks to Nick, Chevaun, Yong, Mateo, Ryan, Graham, Jo, Zhi, Dan, Anthony, Brieuc, Evan, Taka, Steve & the young Patrick!

By:  Alex