Monday, June 4 is the start of UGE's Summer of Sustainability!

Inspired by the No Impact Project, UGE is going sustainable this summer from today, June 4, through Labor Day weekend. Here is our plan of attack.  We hope that you'll join us!

UGE's Summer of Sustainability - June 4 to September 3
At UGE, our company motto is, "Be Green, Be Great, and Have Fun!" This summer, we want to show ourselves, each other, and the world how green we can really be!

The UGE Green Team has planned a fun summer program designed to make it easy for all of us to Be Green! We'll focus on one simple activity per week to help us reduce our impact in the areas listed below.

Here is a breakdown of the schedule:
Weeks of June 4 and 11 - Consumption

Weeks of June 18 and 25 - Trash

Weeks of July 2 and 9 - Energy

Weeks of July 16 and 23 - Food

Weeks of July 30 and August 6 - Transportation

Weeks of August 13 and 20 - Water

Week of August 27 - Giving Back

Labor Day Weekend - Eco-R+R (Rest & Relaxation)

This week's challenge - A Focus on Consumption:
Fix something that you would normally throw out. Be it a watch, a sock or a bike tire there are plenty of websites that can give you step-by-step instructions for repairing almost every item. Find out how to fix just about anything here:

Other resources: How Stuff WorksRepair Cafe - Amsterdam

Fun Fact

"99% of the stuff we harvest, mine, process, transport - 99% of the stuff we run through this production system is trashed within six months." -- Annie Leonard, "The Story of Stuff" 

Get ready for next week - Consumption: Part II!

 The week of June 11, we will continue our focus on consumption.Next week, the task is to avoid buying anything new (with the exception of food). So, if there are any non-food items you plan on buying next week, please instead buy it this week!