Intern Spotlight: Charles from France

Just started my internship few weeks ago at UGE and I would like to thank everybody working at UGE for their warm welcome.
Using Alex's words, another intern I did no get the chance to meet, "the UGE team is 'young, creative, innovative and passionate.'" I add: scrupulous and quick to react!

The company culture here in the US is very different to what I am used to (I am from France): initiatives are encouraged, new ideas are valued, communication is promoted, everybody gets to express his/her point of view. And even being 'only' an intern, I get to participate in this dynamic.

It is great to work in such a welfare enhancing environment where people actually enjoy what they do. So far the best internship I ever had, no joking. 


Keep up the good work! (A greener) world is UGE oyster!
- Charles, April 19, 2011