Instant Iced Coffee - UGE-style (or, er, Taka-style)

This summer, jonesing for iced coffees, but too feeble to leave the office in the NYC summer heat, we invented the instant iced coffee.

Initially, we were going to make a whole pot of coffee and put it in the fridge as most coffee shops use this method. The thought of wasting all that energy made us sick to the stomach so went in another direction: coffee paste.

The revolutionary formula is as follows: put some instant coffee in a cup, add sugar if desired, add a touch of boiled water and stir the resulting mixture into a paste. This is the cheapskates version of a shot of espresso. Once you have the paste you can go ahead and add cold water/milk to the mix. Put the coffee in the fridge to cool down a bit further and voila! Instant iced coffee, or iced instant coffee. It saved us a few bucks, and we lived through the summer.

We are in the middle of patenting this method and will let you know with more updates on our progress!


- Taka, August 29, 2011