Chinese Over Lunch

As you may or may not know, UGE is an amazingly multicultural organization. From our office locations in Beijing and New York City to our staff members hailing from South and North America, Asia, Australia, and Europe, the office sometimes resembles a terminal at an international airport. At any give moment, there could be a conversation in Spanish occurring between the sales team, a conversation in French taking place between the engineering team, and a conversation in Chinese happening between the marketing team.

As a person who only speaks one and a half languages (I pretend to speak Spanish from time to time), I thought it would be wise to use this opportunity to pick up a few language lessons in case I ever have the time or money to travel abroad. Since the work never stops here at UGE, the only time available to learn is over lunch.

Our first lunchtime language lesson occurred a few weeks ago when our amazing designer Yong gave us the basics of Mandarin tones as we dug into a delicious Chinese meal. Jan, our resident linguist (4 languages and counting I believe), picked up pretty quickly. Me? Not so much. Either way, I know that I learned something, and maybe after a few more months of lunchtime lessons I’ll be fluent in two and a half languages.


Zai Jian!