A Trip to Visit the eddy at The Delta in Brooklyn

We left the cool air-conditioned building and travelled to Brooklyn to visit Urban Green Energy's eddy vertical axis wind turbine at a construction site. Taking the A and thereafter the F, we arrived at the site where a green entrepreneur has erected a wind turbine in his ultra-green building. The complex’ features are innovative: recycled materials make up 70% of the building, super-insulation will keep its inhabitants toasty and it will be fully powered by wind and solar generators. The building is located next to the highway and so will act as a billboard for environmentally friendly technology – especially for Urban Green Energy.

Entire sides of the buildings will be made of solar panels in addition to a solar awning. One tends to think of solar panels as ugly, but the modern architecture will likely incorporate the panels well. Large windows are translucent and completely sound proofed, so the highway will not disturb the inhabitants while exposing the clean technology to the masses. The turbine on the roof will be a beacon for alternative energy sources: a marvel of functionality and aesthetics.

The wind turbine will not be functioning as an energy source immediately, but rather as a kinetic art sculpture. America is in need for clean energy. Coal and oil are disappearing fast. Progress is what we need in America, especially in the energy field.

Overall, the fieldtrip was educational. The building will be beautiful. Its interior matches the turbine in sleekness and functionality.

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- Emilia, intern - June 8, 2011