New Adventures at UGE

It has been a whirlwind few weeks, moving to New York and starting work here at Urban Green Energy. Beginning with a housing fiasco that left me scrambling for a place to stay, and quick trips back home to Maine and then China for Thanksgiving, I arrived in New York tired, but ready to start working.


The first Wednesday of week 1 began at 3:30 in the morning when two of us in sales and two engineers began the trek to upstate New York to check out an installation of one of our turbines. After one slight detour onto Randall’s Island, and some delicious diner food at 6am, we made it to the site just in time to see the finishing touches put on the turbine before it was hoisted on top of the tower. The installation crew worked hard in cold and windy conditions, and before long the turbine was in place, ready to start spinning. It was great to see one of our turbines in action, but having neglected to dress for the occasion we were beginning to freeze, and began our journey back to Manhattan. It was a long day, but really interesting to watch the process and see how everything works.

The next few weeks have involved taking in a lot of information about the company and our products, early morning and evening phone calls with potential international customers, a squash match with the boss, and couch surfing while I wait for my apartment to open up!

It has been a great start to my new life here at UGE and New York, and I am looking forward to moving into my own place and continuing on this adventure here- but also to getting back home to Maine for Christmas!

Written by Eliot