Sustainability Initiatives for the Office - On Earth Day & Every Day

Top 10 Earth Day Initiatives For Your Company

  1. Combat air pollution and climate change by working with your local council or non-profit to plant trees in your area

  2. Save electricity by swapping out old light bulbs for compact fluorescent light bulbs or LEDs

  3. Decrease waste by implementing a recycling program for the office if one does not exist

  4. Help lower global GHG emissions by financing renewable energy systems through services like Mosaic

  5. Reduce local water contamination by choosing nontoxic, naturally derived cleaning products for the office

  6. Cut down on wasteful energy consumption by unplugging all electronic devices at the end of the day

  7. Lower transportation emissions by encouraging carpooling or alternatives to driving for employees

  8. Cut down on unnecessary heating/cooling by having employees wear seasonally appropriate clothing

  9. Further reduce transportation emissions by encouraging telecommuting instead of business trips

  10. Save money and trees by committing to reducing paper use - keep documents digital, buy recycled content paper and print double sided, or on reused paper