Intro to Earth Week at UGE


Earth Day is a time to reflect on the progress that has been made in safeguarding the Earth and its natural resources, as well as a time to reflect on the work still ahead. We at UGE are optimistic about the future and are excited to be facilitating a series of activities this year to celebrate Earth Day and further promote sustainability:

  • Meatless Monday - 4/20

  • Zero Waste Day - 4/21

  • Environmental film screening - 4/22

  • Rooftop garden volunteering - 4/23

  • Carbon footprint calculations for UGE employees - 4/24

Our hope is that the activities help spread environmental consciousness in honor of the principles that Earth Day was founded upon. We ask that all businesses, governments and individuals make the extra effort for this year’s Earth Day - attend a local event, help spread renewables in your community or work on changing a wasteful habit of yours.

  • Everyday UGE works toward building a more sustainable future through its renewable energy solutions and embracing of sustainability as the guiding principle of the business. It is because of our culture and values that we are making extra efforts for Earth Day. The first Earth Day marked a monumental shift in mankind’s collective relationship with the environment. It gave rise to modern environmentalism, helped spur the creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and paved the way for the United Nations Earth Summit in 1992 which fundamentally changed global environmental governance. It’s too important of a day to passively celebrate. Make this one count!
  • UGE employees recycle batteries at a local facility 

 Here’s what UGE employees had to say about the importance of Earth Day:

Q. Why is Earth Day important to you?

Anna LindemanLegal Associate : Earth Day is important to me because it is a great way to get involved in the global environmental movement. It's a reminder that change starts with each individual and that we can all make a difference in our own way. All of the little changes we make can have a big impact!




Katrina PrutzmanAssistant Director, Production Operations : “It’s important because it creates the space for an open dialogue on vital environmental issues, raising awareness and spurring action."


Jo Walton-HespeHR & Sustainability Manager : “Because I am an environmentalist and I strongly believe in raising consciousness of environmental issues, which Earth Day is designed to do.”


Nick BlitterswykCEO : “To me, Earth Day provides the world a special day to reflect on how sensitive the planet is and the importance of everyone doing their part to protect it and, in doing so, improving everyone's lives.”



Henry HatchBusiness Development Manager : “I really appreciate the timing of it - it ties in with the emergence of spring, with being able to enjoy outside again, at least here in NYC. To me, Earth Day is representative of the beauty of the outdoors.”



Stay tuned for Earth Day updates throughout the week!