NYC Epicness

Growing up and living on Long Island my whole life, one would think that I know my way around the city. Nowadays, I am always asked where to go in the city for food or where to go to grab a beer. My response is simply “I have no idea”. That is certainly changing lately as my colleagues here, who almost all live in the city, are rubbing off on me with their wealth of knowledge of the Big Apple. It has been amazing learning where to go for mid-day eats or finding a great place to grab a fine alcoholic beverage after work. Being able to walk from one avenue to the other and be in a completely different world is pretty epic as well. From the hustle and bustle of tourists and big name shops on 8th Avenue, to the laid back feel and mom and pop shops of 9th Avenue, it is a great experience working right in midtown.  It is also pretty cool to be able to work with the awesome group of people here at UGE. Everyone is from a different background and a different place. All in all, this place is made great by each and everyone here and that is something that is a bit rare this day in age. 


Written by Dan L.