China Leads in Solar: The Benefits to Businesses


Across China, an increasing number of businesses are turning to solar for their energy needs. UGE’s Rosie Pidcock recently joined the Climate Group in Beijing to lead a discussion about how renewable energy can tackle not only high electricity bills, but China’s growing environmental crisis as well.

The Climate Group’s China RE100, in partnership with the Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association (CREIA), hosted the event for the benefit of attendee organizations like Elion Resources Group, the Broad Group, Hangzhou Robam Appliances Co Ltd, Inzone Company, Macalline and Wanda Group.

In her talk, Rosie explained how UGE is helping commercial clients across China lower their monthly energy expenditures through distributed solar. Having recently completed installations for organizations like Covestro and the Redwood Group, UGE offers innovative finance solutions that allow their customers to recognize immediate cost savings. With no money down, businesses are able to save on their energy bills from day one, effectively creating a win-win solution for both the bottom line and the climate.

According to the Climate Group, last year China poured nearly $US89.5 billion in renewable energy, making the country the largest investor in the global market. With continued investment, Chinese businesses can usher in a new energy future and solidify China’s place as a leader in solar energy solutions.

There has never been a more pressing need for businesses to find answers to this urgent health and environmental crisis. Fortunately, solar companies like UGE are now capable of providing a solution that can directly address climate concerns, and businesses are taking note.