Celebrating Earth Week at UGE!

Happy Earth Day! At UGE, we’re proud to offer solutions that power a cleaner world, but we also believe that our commitment to the environment should go beyond the renewable energy systems we provide.

With a full week of activities, UGE staff have been making small but significant choices to help our officesBe Green, such as:

Bike and Walk to Work Challenge:  Throughout the week, our staff took up the challenge to green our commutes by committing to bike and walk as many days as possible. Our challenge winner biked an impressive 75 miles during the week!

  • Zero Waste DayFor one entire day, our offices attempted to create no waste by using reusable containers, cups, and cutlery for meals, carrying fabric bags instead of plastic ones, and being mindful of packaging waste from single-serve drinks and snacks.
  • Carbon Footprint Contest: How many Earths would it take to support your lifestyle? Our staff calculated their individual carbon footprints to see how lifestyle choices impact our planet.
  • Daylight Hour: Every day this week, our teams in New York and Toronto shut off the lights and worked by natural sunlight. In doing so, we’re both practicing energy efficiency and developing habits that have been proven to increase productivity and contribute to better sleep!
  • Film Screening: Our offices  screened Al Gore’s recent TED Talk “The Case for Optimism on Climate Change” to remind us of the importance of preserving our natural resources.

Perhaps most notably, we also released our Annual Sustainability Report today. Check it out to learn how we continue to further our social and environmental performance, on Earth Day and every day!