UGE + 505 Carroll St.

NYC's first Community Solar Project


Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA

Installation Year: 2018

System Size: 105 kW

Project Type: Ballasted Rooftop

Project Scope: UGE is responsible for the development, engineering, and installation of one of New York City's first Community Solar Project at 505 Carroll Street in Brooklyn, NY. Community Solar is New York's newest initiative to encourage more renewable energy projects and usage. The new policy allows for energy produced from a solar system on a commercial building to be used by community members, rather than only by the building's tenants. This results in a greater financial return to the commercial building owner. 

More on New York City's First Community Solar Project:

Community Solar offers a new model for solar energy projects that has the chance to unlock New York City’s impressive 11 gigawatt rooftop solar potential. 

UGE is offering to pay commercial building owners annual lease payments up to $350,000, a property tax abatement up to $250,000, and free roof upgrades to install a solar energy system on their roof at absolutely zero cost. So, how is this possible? 

The energy produced from the solar system is sent to the grid and redistributed to community members who have signed up to use the clean energy at a discounted rate from what they are currently paying the grid. So not only does a community solar project have an amazing pay-out, it also makes clean energy accessible to residents throughout New York who otherwise could not put solar panels on their own roofs.

Community solar is the future of solar energy for commercial building owners in New York City... The solar systems we install are the equivalent of a new tenant at that building, giving the building owner the unique opportunity to make money, help their community, and contribute to decreasing pollution in the City. Developing the City’s first community solar project is a huge step forward and we look forward to playing a leading role in spreading this new solar model.
— Nick Blitterswyk, CEO and Founder of UGE