What is UGE SET?

UGE SET is a proprietary software that designs microgrid systems. The software uses 20 years worth of weather data, geographic specific information and customer specific goals to create personalized renewable energy systems. Click on the icons below to find out more!

Customer Needs

UGE SET takes customer goals as inputs to design the most cost effective microgrid system.

Customer Needs

Energy Load (kW)

Autonomy (hrs)

Financial Goals

Weather Data

Insolation (kWh/m2)

Wind Speed (m/s)

Compute + Modeling


Sensitivity Analysis

System Design

Solar System

Wind Turbine

Energy Storage

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Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) in $/kWh

Before: High LCOE

Post-SET: Low LCOE


Power Source: 100% Diesel

UGE SET has been used to design energy systems for leading organizations

We provide a full stack energy solution so you can focus on your business.

  • Speed

    Every second of your time matters to us. UGE SET is designed to output system specifications faster than any other software in the market.

  • Non-intrusive

    Once we have some basic information about your goals, SET will use various databases to output a personalized system for your site without a site visit.

  • Low LCOE

    UGE SET designs renewable energy systems that produce the lowest levelized cost of energy (LCOE) while achieving your goals.

  • Multiple Sites at Once

    If you have multiple sites over multiple countries, SET will output customized energy solution for every location in a matter of minutes.

  • For more information about our proprietary software, UGE SET, or would like inquire about our system design service, contact us