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UGE Partner Program Overview


UGE Partners join a team committed to providing the best renewable energy solutions and customer service in the industry.  Steady working relationships between UGE and the global UGE Partner Network are essential to mutual success.  The UGE Partner Network is composed of over 100 leading renewable energy companies around the world, with projects installed in over 90 countries. 


The global distributed renewable energy (DRE) market is growing rapidly, and we are always looking to add highly qualified companies to the Network.  Does your company have what it takes? UGE Partners lead the following four segments in the working relationship with our clients:

  • On-site customer engagement

  • Site evaluation

  • Project planning and installation

  • Ongoing customer support 

Throughout the process, UGE and the Network work hand in hand, introducing customers that contact UGE through our marketing efforts, leveraging your local knowledge, and using our leading technology platform and system design experience to create winning projects for your customers.





The Ideal Partner

UGE’s ideal Partner has a track record of maintaining a high standard of work.  A prospective Partner may have experience in:

  • Engineering
  • General contracting
  • Architecture
  • Sales
  • Other related areas


UGE takes into consideration experience in renewable energy and related fields, professionalism, and a plan to build local expertise to become a regional leader in the industry.

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The UGE Partner Portal

As a UGE Partner, you will have access to the UGE Partner Portal, your hub that provides you with access to:

  • Remote site assessment tools

  • Sales and marketing tools, including case studies, presentations, and interactive display materials

  • Technical documentation for all UGE components

  • UGE University, the one-stop location for training materials, a library of UGE resources, and a forum for UGE Partners to communicate

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