With UGE onDEMAND, you can take advantage of:
Energy Cost Arbitrage

From load shifting to reducing peak demand charges

Maximize Solar Power

Access solar power day and night

Energy Resiliency

Increase business performance by eliminating power outages

Immediately Lower Your Energy Cost

UGE onDEMAND decreases your electricity bill by optimizing your energy mix;

  • Lower demand charges and shift energy loads from peak to off-peak rates
  • Maximize use of solar, including in areas with net metering caps
  • Lower or eliminate usage of back-up diesel generators

Maximize Usage
of Low Cost Energy Sources

Minimize Usage
of Expensive Energy Sources

Access to Solar Power Day and Night

With UGE onDEMAND, you can access the low cost of solar power day and night. To you that means more savings.

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Never Experience Another Power Outage

UGE onDEMAND supplies energy when the grid is down, so your facilities can continue operating around the clock.

Solutions for Small to Large Businesses

190 kWh

Small to Medium Businesses

Lithium ion battery pack, 100kW storage inverter

475 kWh

Large Businesses

Lithium ion battery pack, 250kW solar/storage inverter

Scalable to higher capacities for facilities with greater energy need​

You receive cheaper, more reliable electricity. We do the rest:
Needs Analysis

Best quality, lowest cost, to give you maximum savings

Project Management

Quick and painless site design, installation and maintenance

Energy Financing

Save money from day one

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