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Project Summary

Remote tower in ski country required diesel fuel and maintenance trips by snowmobile

UGE wind turbine replaces need for expensive generators

Telecoms towers fully operational with fewer refueling visits and less harmful emissions.


Cell tower draining resources in the California mountains

Running an important telecoms site with no access to the grid is very expensive. Reliable power traditionally comes in the form of diesel generators, which require expensive fuel and frequent maintenance. Verizon Wireless operates many such sites, but a tower in remote California ski country posed a particularly difficult challenge. During the winter months (when the tower is utilized frequently by nearby skiers), snow buries the path out to the tower and forces any emergency repairs or refuelings to be performed with the aid of snowmobiles. Verizon crews reaching the site during the spring would typically find the diesel generator’s fuel reserves nearly drained.


Let it snow - and blow

UGE resolved this issue by assessing the site remotely, determining the adequate energy solution to use, and ultimately designing and implementing a supplemental wind power system. UGE Partner Wing Solar & Wood Energy oversaw the installation of the vertical axis turbine, and today, the renewable energy system is eliminating the site’s reliance on diesel fuel. In the first spring after the turbine was installed, technicians visiting the site after the winter found the diesel tank half full. The renewable energy system has significantly reduced Verizon’s operating expenses, while simultaneously cutting the emissions associated with burning diesel fuel.

Project Details

Bear Mountain, California (USA)
Installed:  July 2012
Project Owner: Verizon

UGE Solution
Location with no access to the grid managed to offset consumption by implementing custom Fusion system.

Off-grid UGE-4K, 1.5 kW of solar energy storage and remote monitoring of system.