Illuminating Corporate Responsibility at Ford

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Illuminating Corporate Responsibility at Ford
Illuminating Corporate Responsibility at Ford

Project Summary

After releasing a new hybrid vehicle, and installing an EV charging station on company premises, Ford wanted to further highlight their sustainability efforts. By installing one of our eddyGT turbines to power the brand sign in front of their dealership in Ontario, Canada,  Ford has taken great strides to lessen their impact on the environment and show customers that they are committed to corporate responsibility. The eddyGT spins directly next to Ford’s sign, harnessing the power of the wind to illuminate it. In addition, the turbine creates a tangible, green symbol reflecting the values of their company.

UGE created the complete system design, and managed the financing of the project, while local partner, The Identitee Group, gave on-the-ground support to complete the installation, and link the turbine with the electrical grid.  

As a pilot project, the grid-tied eddyGT will operate for one year. After the pilot is complete, Ford of Canada will determine the program for which other dealers will be able to adopt a similar renewable energy system.

Project Details

Ontario, Canada

August 2013


UGE Solution

1 eddyGT turbine