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UGE offers complete turn-key EPC services to manage project execution from start-to-finish. UGE sets the standard for reliability, ethical practices and professional management; our impeccable record of customer satisfaction is a testament to our performance.

Our Turnkey Solution

▶ Full Turn-Key Services
▶ Engineering and Design
▶ Equipment Evaluation and Procurement
▶ Construction and Contractor Management
▶ System Commissioning
▶ System Monitoring

Engineering and Design

Our integrated, multidisciplinary engineering team set the bar for high quality in the solar PV industry by working closely with our clients to develop the most effective and leading-edge solutions for both fixed and tracking ground-mount solar PV systems, flat and sloped roof systems, and large scale off-grid battery storage solutions.

▶ Ground-Mount and Rooftop System
▶ Design Solar Array Layout and Optimization
▶ Electrical, Civil, Geotechnical and Structural Design
▶ Independent Engineering Inspection and Commissioning Review Services


UGE finances and develops the full lifecycle of ground-mount and rooftop solar PV systems.

▶ Rooftop and Ground-Mount Project Site Procurement (Lease and Purchase)
▶ FIT/PPA Contract Procurement Relationships with Energy Cooperatives
▶ Development Consulting and Document Review
▶ Access to Capital and Take-Out Partners

Fortis TCI

Location: Turks and Caicos Islands
System Size: 70.35 kW DC
Project Type: Flush mount rooftop racking
and ground mount array
Project Scope: UGE worked with local utility
Fortis TCI to install 141 solar panels on the
roof of the utility’s headquarters in Providenciales.
After a successful rooftop installation, the
first of its kind on the island, we were contracted
to complete another ground mount array
specially designed to withstand wind speeds
up to 200 mph. The project combined the
knowledge and expertise of the utility with
the hybrid engineering and project management
skills of UGE.

Solar Gardens

Location: Timiskaming and Picton, Ontario
System Size: 10 MW+ DC (23 sites)
Project Type: Dual-axis tracker utility scale
ground mount
Project Scope: UGE provided comprehensive
design and project management services for
two large portfolios of utility scale dual-axis
tracker solar farms. For each of the twenty-
three project locations UGE performed energy
yield analyses, full DC, AC, and medium
voltage project engineering and design services,
e-house design and procurement, and regulatory
and permitting consultation.

Solarshare: Everlast Restoration

Location: Brampton, Ontario
System Size: 600 kW DC
Project Type: Multiple steel roof construction
Project Scope: UGE has provided a full menu of
consulting services to SolarShare Co-op across
multiple projects; from pre-feasibility through
to engineering design, project management and
commissioning for rooftop solar installations. The
system is mounted on a standing seam roofing
system across multiple roof sections, featuring (30)
string inverters for optimal energy yield.

Solarshare: Secure Self Storage

Location: Mississauga, Ontario
System Size: 300 kW DC
Project Type: Pitched steel roof construction
Project Scope: System is mounted on a standing
seam roofing system across five self-storage
buildings featuring a single 250 kW central
inverter. Project required network of
underground conductors for collection at
grid interconnection point.

UGE provides a full turnkey solution to its clients by managing all stages of the development lifecycle, including engineering, procurement and construction. Our in-house technical expertise and first-hand experience as a developer have been invaluable to our clients.

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