Dropbox Solar Installation

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Dropbox Solar Installation
Dropbox Solar Installation

Project Summary:

Dropbox recently joined the wave of U.S. organizations investing in renewable energy. The transition from traditional grid consumption to renewable energy generation has been especially popular among tech companies like Apple, who recently decided to convert its entire campus to solar energy. Dropbox's new San Francisco office will be LEED Platinum certified, producing power on-site with the assistance of a custom solar energy system designed by UGE. The 25.2kW solar PV system, composed of 84 solar panels, was designed using UGE's own site assessment technology and will significantly improve the buildings efficiency while taking advantage of the natural solar resources surrounding the office. With this investment Dropbox will not only improve its sustainability and energy efficiency, but it will also cut major energy costs.

UGE’s CEO, Nick Blitterswyk, shares, “As a tech company, Dropbox is a huge leader in cloud technology and we are proud to be part of such a major transition. We look forward to seeing further development of renewable energy within the industry.”

Project Details:

Location: San Francisco, CA,


Installed: May 2015

Installed Capacity: 25.2kW

UGE Solution:

Grid-tied PV