Sustainability Soars at Eagles Stadium

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Sustainability Soars at Eagles Stadium
Sustainability Soars at Eagles Stadium
Sustainability Soars at Eagles Stadium

Project Summary

Lincoln Financial field is the first professional stadium in the US capable of generating all of its electricity onsite.

Together, 14 turbines and the stadium's solar panels annually produce about six times the amount of power used during all Eagles home games.

The stadium is a zero waste facility and generates the most electricity of any NFL stadium.

A touchdown for renewable energy

Lincoln Financial Field, the home of the Philadelphia Eagles, has taken dramatic steps to green the stadium, including measures to produce all of their energy on-site. The solar and wind array offsets 100% of all energy use on non-game days, producing and feeding energy back into the grid. Located at opposing ends of the field, the 14 UGE-4K turbines were strategically placed. They provide "a visual representation of our commitment to sustainable efforts," said Eagles president Don Smolenski. The system was also designed so that it won't interfere with the fan experience. A custom braking system for the 14 turbines will ensure immediate stoppage if ever necessary. The result is a project that will save millions in energy costs each year.

Project Details

Philadelphia, PA (USA)

Installed: November 2012

Project Owner: Philadelphia Eagles Lincoln Financial Field


UGE Solution

Turbine: 14 UGE-4Kx tied to the grid

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