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Project Summary

Beijing Star Double, the owner of the first BMW dealership authorized to sell the new BMW 5S, wanted to highlight both its and BMW’s commitment to sustainability by installing an efficient renewable energy system.

UGE assessed the site, and based on the energy resources, created the system design, a hybrid combination of 5 eddyGT turbines and 100kW of solar panels made by Yingli, a global leader in solar PV manufacturing. UGE also guided Beijing Star Double through the financing of the project. The large hybrid system cut a significant portion of BMW’s energy consumption, while also feeding energy back into a battery storage unit.

After the installations were complete, BMW's central Beijing dealership far exceeded local green building standards.

“Through the implementation of various technologies, including wind, solar, and geothermal energy, Beijing Star Double has taken full advantage of the environment to decrease its reliance on traditional fuel sources. The variety of clean and renewable energy sources, including over 1500 square meters of solar panels, are focused around the wind turbine system at its center.” –BMW

Project Details

Beijing, China

January 2012  



Large hybrid system offsets significant portion of energy consumption while feeding energy to batteries. Batteries allow for much-needed energy security



5 eddyGTs, 100kW Solar