UGE is unique.  Please take a look at the menu on the right for current open opportunities.  We believe in three core concepts that guide us in what we do:


Be Green: We started UGE because of a deep desire to help the world go green.  We exist to make the world a more sustainable place, in the solutions we offer, the way we operate our business, and the way we behave as individualsCare for the environment permeates every thing we do and we will leave the world a better place than when we started. 

Be Great: We believe in targeting greatness in everything we do.  Our solutions must provide high value to our clients.  As a company, we aim to be the leader in everything we do.  And as individuals, we believe that everyone has the power within them to be great as long as their passion and role are aligned. 

Have FunLife is too short not to enjoy it. We aim to foster mutually beneficial and enjoyable relationships with our customers, with our suppliers, with the community, and amongst ourselves.  We believe that you should be just as happy at work as you are away from work.  We care deeply about UGE being a fun place to work. 


Have something else in mind?
Many people at UGE have “hired themselves” by learning about UGE, speaking with us, perhaps completing an internship, and in the process have found a way to help the company.  If the positions available do not suit you, we’d still love to hear from you at!